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A small hydroelectric project. Usenet Discussion Archive

Home Brew Hydro Saga

MK I: Early turbine and generator

MK II & III: New alternator and couplers

MK IV: shaft bearing and real world use

Coanda Effect water intake (New Rain Update!)

New Penstock and Nozzles WOW

Home Brew Hydro Video

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I've archived messages from alt.energy.homepower starting from the beginning of this project. As you can see I had A LOT of help, so this is a way of saying thanks to that great usenet group. You can read these but not respond. If you care to you can use your own usenet account or try the google groups interface. Re-reading these you can see just how full of crap I was (at times) and the learning process. The subject list goes from oldest to newest.

Along with all the posts relating to the home brew hydro project I grabbed all the other messages into an archive that updates itself, so there are plenty of other good topics relating to home power to read including solar power, generator power, hydroelectric, electric wiring and many many other subjects. If you like what you see you should really sign up for a Usenet Account so you can join in!