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Video: Bob's Water Wheel Test

Bob lives about 60 miles south of me and we've been talking about small hydro projects & he was kind enough to share this video of his work in progress. Pretty freaking cool Bob! We'll try to get together soon and write up more about his project & get some pics.

OK Z...Here is a short MOV of a test with about 10 GPM and producing about 11 V. The wheel speed without anything connected was 15 RPM and with the belt and Windblue on, it was 3 RPM. I was not to encouraged with the big drop in RPM's but I am hoping that 20-30 GPM's will push it over the 13V mark. I also need to caulk up the buckets more and maybe modify them a little more too. On a test with the lathe turning the windblue at 420 RPM, it was putting out 43V. Anyway, I am having a lot of fun building this thing. If it doesn't work on the wheel, I'll try it as a wind gen. I'm looking forward to seeing your setup.

I got my 18 pulley and bearings a day early yesterday and worked out a jackshaft for it which I will work on more today. The Windblue 540 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I should be busy working on that stuff. My setup is kind of Rube Goldburg but I like building stuff from nothing to something functional.